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Specializing in business intelligence database and dashboard design, WeBI reporting, project planning & management, customer interaction
Curt Crider, President and CEO of Brillada, is a business intelligence expert who helps drive data decision-making projects

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    A business owner and entrepreneur, Curt Crider has 20+ years of experience in business intelligence and project management consulting. His primary interest today lies in working with clients and partners to develop new products and services that support and extend their core business.

    Curt excels in working with clients to fine-tune project schedules. He has worked on large-scale projects developing WeBI dashboards and reports.

    Curt has worked with clients in the medical, manufacturing, and technology industries. He has designed and produced both curricula and training materials for BusinessObjects end users.

    Curt is actively involved in start-up and innovation activities in Mobile, Alabama.

    Brillada is an idea company dedicated to finding opportunities to bring select ideas to market.


    Curt Crider offers experience and local knowledge to help you focus on the big picture.