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Android & iOS Projects

Helping you put your business in customers' hands

Android & iOS Projects

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According to IDC, 1.35 billion smartphone units are expected to be shipped in 2021. With new phones, tablets, and wearable devices on the market every day, your new app idea needs to be in development now. Let Brillada help you create a development plan, code your project, and design your beta testing plan.

Android Development

According to a 2018 TouchPoints report, adults over 25 use their smartphones more than 260 times a day. For 15-24 year olds, that number is nearly 400! And the pandemic has changed the amount and time of usage across the board. Our in-house and special projects team will work with you to develop your Android app—whether a standalone project or in support of your current business—for use in the Google Play store.

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iOS Development

Using both in-house and special projects staff, your next great idea will be developed for sale in the Apple App Store. With graphic designers, web services professionals, and Swift programmers available, our project management team will work with you to make your app a reality.

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The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the billions of physical devices (from smartphones to light bulbs to voice assistants to car sensors) that are connected to the internet—and that share data in a digital intelligence framework.

Are you ready to harness the power of IoT in your home or business? Ask us how our team can help you set up your devices to communicate and share data.

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Personal Adoption

Light bulbs
Fitness band/watch
We use a variety of expert developer consultants to support your projects
UI/UX Designers & Developers

Our in-house developers work with design experts to help you start the right way—with a customized plan—to get your app idea moving forward.