We support customer and employee learning

Screencast and live training

We support customer and employee learning

Screencast and live training

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We help you design training materials to empower your regular users—whether employees or customers—to find answers on their own and at their own pace. This frees up valuable support staff time to deal with escalated issues.

Increased efficiency

Providing one-time training often leads to workplace frustration. In today’s digital world, a quick look at Google or YouTube will often result in an answer to a work problem—but does the answer take into account your company’s best practices? Using our screencasts, developed in conjunction with your staff, provides both answer and context.

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Reduced Costs

Do you have a new BI dashboard that you have to bring your folks across the company up to speed? Is there a new process for your product that needs explanation or demonstration? Brillada develops screencasts that employees, vendors, or customers use in small, discrete chunks that are naturally consumed in a watch-and-do process that positively impacts understanding.

Key Benefits of Onboarding

In today’s digital environment, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in onboarding employees is vital. Recent studies place the cost of employee turnover at $5,000-$21,000.

The educational team at Brillada develops screencast and digital learning solutions in partnership with your HR department to orient new and current employees.

We will work with you to shape a video solution and curriculum to meet your knowledge acquisition needs.

We strive to bring to your new and current employees:
  • Best practices for everyday software applications, both office and user-specific packages
  • eLearning opportunities for documented HR processes
  • eLearning opportunities for a new business process or functionality for staff
  • A consistent message ready to be viewed in video format.
Theresa McGonagle Crider MBA MS-LIS
Theresa McGonagle Crider

I’ll help you explore where specialized learning materials can support your employees, vendors, and customers.